Lake_Naivasha.pngThe Lake Naivasha Riparian Association has raised the red flag over massive encroachment of the land around the lake.

The association said the encroachment has affected conservation efforts and led to an increase in human-wildlife conflict around the lake.

The association vice chairman Mark Kariuki said a large percentage of the riparian land has either been blocked or fenced off.

Kariuki said as a result, wild animals cannot access or leave the lake.

He said the most affected animals were hippos and buffaloes, which seek alternative routes, leading to the wildlife-human conflict.

“We are deeply perturbed by the current status around the lake where the riparian land has either been blocked or grabbed,” Kariuki said.

He said the association is ready to work with the Nakuru government to address the problem.

Lake Naivasha Boat Owners Association chairman David Kilo said the situation is getting out of hand.

He said areas around the lake record at least two cases of wild animals attacks, some of which lead to deaths.

“We have seen several cases of people being attacked and even getting killed by hippos and buffaloes around the lake,” Kilo said.

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