In a move to respond to FIA requirements, the third round of National Rally Championship will be run on closed routes this weekend in Mukono.

The international Motorsport body FIA, passed rules demanding all Federations to organise rally events on closed roads by 2017.

Over the years NRC events have been organized on public roads that made it inevitable for organizers to control movement of others cars and to check safety.

Organizers of Mukono Rally eventually opted for private farms in Mukono to run an event on where most of the routes will be closed to others cars other than rally cars.

The event Clerk of Course(COC) Joshua Mayanja says 60 percent of Mukono Rally will be on closed roads.

“Most of our routes will be closed, going through private farms where no car except rally cars will be allowed during the competition,” says Mayanja.

“We are doing this in order to get adopted to the closed route culture as required by FIA,” he added

Among the closed routes will be the 18.90km from Bulijjo to Naama, 9.50km of Mpoma to Nakapinyi, and 8km out of 18.90km of stage five will be closed as well.

“These routes will help drivers to be less cautious during the race than before,” says Mayanja

“However, drivers corporation is needed to take caution of the farms since we expect some high speeds,” he added.

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