Kenya’s Jaspreet Chatthe won the Rwanda Rally to strengthen his position in this year’s African Rally Championship on Saturday in Rwanda.

Chatthe begun day two with over a minute below day one leader Valery Bukera.

He however managed to post the fastest times on day two, winning five stages while Jassy Singh won three.

He led by two minutes, thirty three seconds below Jassy Singh.

“It has not been an easy rally, but am so happy that have won, even after suffering a puncture in long stage,” he told Kawowo Sports.

Chatthe now moves to 75 points, while Jassy Singh on 54points.

Meanwhile, day one leader Valery Bukera from Burundi settled for third position overall.

Uganda’s Jon Consta and Desh Kananura settled for fourth and fifth respectively.

Out of the 20 crews that started, only 11 crossed the final finish.

Rwanda’s Giancarlo Davite and Rudy Cantanhede were among the causalities of the event.

Top 5:

1. Jaspreet Chatthe/ Thorley Craig 1:52:19

2. Jassy Singh/Dave Sihoka 1:54:42

3. Valery Bukera/Khetia Nital 2:03:15

4. Jon Consta/Aaron Nsamba 2:09:33

5. Desh Kananura/Moses Matovu 2:11:01

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