Tejas_Return.pngAfter amazing month of experiences in Europe, 2WD defending non-turbo champion Tejas Hirani is back in action and will be going for top honours in Round 6 of the national autocross championship scheduled for tomorrow at East Africa Portland Cement grounds.

The teenage driver is fresh from finishing 2nd overall in the British national rally-cross championship. Action starts from 9.30am; and there will be continuous racing with the mandatory practice lap preceding official four heats up till 4.00pm when prize giving will be held.

Racing machines participating in the race are buggies, rally cars and quads.

The 2WD turbo class will feature mainly the ‘Attacker’ buggies with leader Hardeep Rehsi, Raaji Bharij and Samir Khan going for top honours.

Others expected in the 2WD turbo class are Shazz Esmail, Lovejyot Singh, Imran Hakada and Nisha Pandya. Nisha is sister to last year’s buggy 2WD turbo class champion Amit Pandya. Tejas will renew his rivalry with Amaanraj Singh Rai who will also be driving a ‘Rage Buggy’.

Tejas drove an RX 150 Rage in Britain, tested the Ford Escort MK1 in Wales and had a feel of the Radical RS8 in Belgium’s Zolder circuit where he impressed his handlers in corners and straights.

“We will carry on with autocross and off-road racing (Rally Raid) with which I will now be sitting with Alastair Cavenagh’s navigator Gavin Laurence. Gavin is an old hand in the game and I hope to gain from his experience as we brace up for the remaining races of the season,” said Tejas.

Tejas had one of the most amazing day in his career, driving a historic Mark One Ford Escort on the famous Sweet Lamb stage in Wales. He said: “These cars are so real and pure. They are four wheel drive monsters, with launch control, sequential gear boxes, power steering and all the electronic stuff which are a marvel to motorsport lovers.”

One of the classes to watch tomorrow will be the Bambino Class which started off with three Magi-Bugs earlier in the year and has now grown into five buggies.

Bambinos are purpose built machines for the kids with an objective of encouraging the youth to get into motorsports from the age of 10.

Two of the bambino drivers—Sean and Rio—are the children of rally driver Don Smith who currently competes in the KCB Kenya National Rally Championship. Jadini Nzomo is another driver whose father is one of Kenya’s top polo player and represents the national polo team.

Raiyan Ganatra is also driving in this newly created championship and his father Altaf has competed many times in Rally Raids and Autocross events.

Current bambino leader and winner of the first two events is Ryan Bailey whose father is an ex-rally driver and the motor sport personality of the year 1998.

All the 5 Bambino drivers will be on the track on Sunday to tussle for points.

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