Ashraf Ahmed will finally give his Subaru Impreza its first run in the Mountains of the Moon rally in Fort Portal scheduled for July 4th-5th.

The 2008 national rally champion unveiled the car last December, but had never ventured with it for competition.

He however told Kawowo Sports reasons why it took him time to drive the car.

The spares had not all come. And there is no way I could drive the car with somethings missing. But finally the spares are here.

He admits rallying in Fort Portal rally will be a great experience.

My plans are to better my performance. The routes are very challenging but interesting. But I think it is a great location, and it is going to be a great rally.

Ahmed hinted on his anticipation this year now that he has upgraded to a stronger car.

“We are looking at a good position this year, and to show the younger drivers that there is still room for us older guys,” he said.

Navigated by Peter Stone, the OilLibya crew has scored 70points from three NRC events.

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