ASAF NATAN clinched a win in the 2014 FIM Africa – Central Africa Enduro Cup which also culminated in the crowning of Dave cliff as the 2014 National Enduro Champion after finishing second.

Asaf Natan confirmed his supremacy on the bike during his first win of the season in final round of the National enduro championship where he proved his form and experience in motocross .

He put up an exciting show that left the spectators yawning for more especially when he pulled off his wheelie style- riding on one tyre in the well designed special stage at the Nsimbe Estate in Mpigi last Sunday.

Asaf kept upright maintaining the pace since he not only aimed for a win but also to keep his record on the Nsimbe Estate where no one has ever beaten him.

When asked why he didnt participate in the first two rounds, he had this to say, “I really enjoy particiapting in enduro since it is my passion , but during the last two events I had some family commitments i could not forgo for a hobby, but am planning to take part in all the coming events next season..” In the same event DAVE CLIFF was crowned the national enduro champion for the third time after coming second collecting 45 points over all a head of Abdul Damba.

Dave rode strong and steady to stay at the lead of the championship since he had more points than his competitors. “i think am just lucky to be a third time champion, most riders start with a lot of energy just the way its done in motorcross forgetting that enduro involves obsatcles like jumps that eventually beats their pace.”

Said Dave FIM Africa Central Africa Enduro is an event that involves all eligible riders from the Central Africa region (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and DRC) and this was the 1st edition in Uganda.

A number of foreign riders who had been expected from Kenya did not make it because of another event on their calender. The FMU Deputy Vice President – Motorcycling (Mr. Joseph Mwangala) regretted the mixup of the events but this didn’t stop the organisers from putting up a well organised event.

Twelve riders that included Asaf Natan, Lugobe Johnie, Dave Cliff, Patrick Van Pee, Ali Zulgadar, Mukiibi Isma, Damba Abdul, Kavuli David, Hood Semugoma, Nicolo Ficareli and Mohammed Faisal all raced against each other to cover the 14km distance in just 3hours.

The highlight of the was the special stage that had man made obstacles like water splashes, tyres spread allover, jumps among others that saw the riders struggling to stay on their bikes.

On the same day Jude Lubega procured the 2nd round of FIM Africa – Central african 4×4 track championship 2014 After a sunday afternoon rain shower, the Fiduga Nsimbe flower estate opened arms and welcomed the 4×4 track championship with its steep slippery uneven ground that seemed deliberately provocative to the experience of the drivers on the wheels in manoeuvring over the obstacles.

Jude navigated by Sharifah shuffled through the challenging terrain to emerge winners with the fastest time beating the defending champion JB with the difference of 13minutes. 7 drivers participated in the event and non retired from the race, the top three include; 1.Jude Lubega/ Sharifah Namagoba 2. Shem Senkatuka/George Sekantuka 3.Rashid Kabuye/Sadat Bangi.

The event was organised by the Enduro Uganda Club and the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda (FMU).

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