The 2016 Africa Rally Championship series heads to the land of 1000 hills-Rwanda.

The prestigious Rwanda Mountain Gorilla rally comes on the weekend of August 12-14th.

The three day event revs off with a 5.20km super special stage at Amahoro stadium that will run on both tarmac and gravel roads.

Day two heads to Nyamata were drivers will tackle six stages totaling to 117.22km.

Day final day will also consist of five stages covering a competitive distance of 91.58km to sum up the whole event with a total competitive distance of 214.00km.

The Clerk of the Course Eric Nzamwita promises only thrills at this year’s round.

“The routes were designed for everyone to enjoy, the event has very smooth stages but very technical as well, they are 90percent closed with some stages 100percent closed.

“This is something new with Mountain Gorilla rally. Fans will only watch the rally from where they can access at their convenience,” says Nzamwita.

“Safety is another thing we focus on in this event, we shall have three route openers and a sweeper on top of the air ambulance that will be on stand by,” he asserted.

Over 25 crews from across the region (Uganda,Burundi, Kenya, Zambia) are expected to take on the three day event.

Unlike in the previous ARC round in Tanzania, three ARC contenders are expected to take on the battle; Don Smith from Kenya, Zambia’s Muna Singh and Abdu Sempebwa from Uganda.

Smith and Bob Kaugi are current ARC leaders with 79 points, Muna and Jasmeen Singh are at 50 points while Abdu will be out for his first ARC points.

ARC standings

  1. Don Smith/Bob Kaugi 79points
  2. Muna Singh/Jasmeen Singh 50pts
  3. Gary Chaynes/David Israel 25pts
  4. Ismail Ibrahim/Johan Bruin 15pts


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