RVO Ngong Hills 30/31 Jan registration is now open. Entries close on Wednesday 27 Jan.

Please register online here

2 day race: 10,000 per team
1 day race: 5,000 per team
Age 14-17 yrs: 3,500 per team (Sunday only)

A 2-day mountain bike race within the Ngong Hills and Forest area. A moderate level of physical fitness and novice technical skills are required to enjoy riding RVO Ngong Hills. Young riders aged 14 upwards are encouraged to join in the experience on Sunday (only).

RVO Ngong Hills is best suited to the inexperienced mountain biker that yearns for cycling adventure.

TRAIL TERRAIN is fairly smooth with minimal technical sections. Vicious thorns abound so tubeless or tubed tires filled with sealant is essential. In line with true adventures, participants should be self-suffient for on stage nutrition, mechanical support and extraction.

2-PERSON TEAM event that requires 100% self-navigation using GPS devices.

VENUE: Start / finish for both days is at Samaritans Orphanage, 6 km due north from Ngong Town.

LUNCH: Rusty Nail Catering is included within the entry fee for both days

Day 1: 50 km (approx) – Start 09:00
Day 2: 50 km (approx) – Start 08:00

100% GPS self-navigation is required
The only course marking is the start / finish line
Teams of 2 riders will start at 2 minute intervals in reverse seed order
Youngsters 14-17 yrs must be accompanied by a responsible adult
Maximum 2 young riders per team
Each team must have at minimum 1 GPS to share
Each team of 2 riders must remain together throughout the route

Please register online here

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