It is that time of the year again, people, that time when we close the calendar in style by putting together yet another Great Run event before we all disperse to our loved ones and a much-deserved break in preparation for the succeeding year’s activities.
Keen followers of the Great Run’s activities will recall that towards the end of 2013 we had the Great Run 4×4 to Malindi and it was epic, for lack of a better word. An arduous 2-day event, it was as much fun as it was necessary for the little destitutes in Malindi. Word from the Children’s Home down at the Coast is that they are doing well and we are most welcome for a return visit.
We will take them up on their invitation, but not this time round. Last year’s 4×4 event was so successful that a unanimous decision was made to repeat the formula this year, the only difference being the destination.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
The same protocols apply: this year’s event will be spread over two days, just like it was a year ago, and we will be driving off-road, just like we did a year ago. To keep things lively, we have opted to trim the driving distance a little to allow participants have a breather and engage in more fun activities, especially hanging around the children.
This is what we have prepared for you:

The Destination: Tumaini Children’s Home, Nyeri The Goodies: to be unveiled, but it is a special package this time round The Date & Time: December 6th 8 AM.
Last year was hot and dusty. This year will be cold and possibly wet.
And unlike Tsavo where some may have finagled their way through with lesser machines, this time you will need a serious SUV. You will definitely need 4WD. You will definitely need a low-range transfer case.

You might need diff-locks. This drive is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. Here’s why:
The drive is from Nairobi to Nyeri, but not the way you’d think. A brief outline is this: we will exit the city from Shell Petrol Station at Westlands next to The Mall, from where we will join the A104, drive up Waiyaki Way, to Limuru and beyond, past the Viewpoint, down one wall of the Rift Valley and up the other wall. In our quest to get to the other wall, we will drive up to Total Petrol Station at the junction heading into Naivasha town. Turning left leads you into the town center. That is not our aim. We will turn RIGHT, onto a lonely by-road that climbs steadily for several hundred meters (turbonauts, rejoice!), through tarmac and a very tricky corrugated murram surface (watch out there now!), back onto tarmac and eventually find our way to the south gate of the Aberdare National Park. This is where, as they say, it gets real.

You will need ground clearance. You will need sharp driving skills and good working knowledge of a full-fledged SUV. You will need to be in shape. You will need warm clothing (freaking cold, this altitude, with our heads literally in the clouds). And you will need your friends not to abandon you should the forest lay claim to your traction and forward motion. It will be interesting, this much we can guarantee.

Nyeri is our ultimate destination. Stay tuned for more details on what will happen once we get to Nyeri town…
The drill is as usual. Register as a participant after the jump (just click on the link if you don’t know what a jump is) while slots are still available. Registration gets you free goodies, a free car sticker and earns you a position in our starting lineup.
The charges are Ksh. 3500 per car. Limited availability: as last year, we will put a cap on the maximum allowable number of entries: 30 cars.

The early birds quick to register have a hidden benefit awaiting them in

Accommodation will be available at Naro Moru River Lodge: contact: info@naromoruriverlodge.com, sales@naromoruriverlodge.com or 0722 708 984 004 or 0708 984 002 or 0724 082 754 for bookings. Rooms are limited so book quickly on a first come, first served basis.

Wait, did we not say this event will mirror last year’s 4×4 challenge?
It is a two-day excursion again; the night will be spent in Naro Moru (or the nearest convenient point-of-interest one can locate on a map) There are plenty of details. Stay in the loop by visiting this page as frequently as humanly possible, because we will be having regular updates. This lengthy write-up is only but the introduction… This will be a big one Regards, THE GREAT RUN Register here:

This is a clip of the recce we did


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