Kenyans are known world over for our flawless ability  when it comes to running. However, most of us are merely fans and the profession is left to a few who practice year in year out. We can and ought to change this perception and habit by getting out and doing more running and less spectating. We need to groom a new breed of runners whose intention is not preparing for some major race or competition, but whose aim is to take up the recreational sport of running purely for fun and for the opportunity to have an extreme  encounter as they engage in various outdoor events. Joining or becoming one of the new breeds of runners can present a plethora of benefits that range from health to social exposure and networking.

There are myriad, venues, and opportunities for participation at every skill level, from beginners to advanced; you do not have any excuses for not joining in the fun. Whether you are comfortable with starting your running experience on a flat area or you want to take this extreme outdoor activity a notch higher by practicing in high altitude regions, Kenya has great scenery and natural landscapes to explore. You can run alone or do so with a group, but the promise is that the experience is worth it, and you should grab every opportunity for an extreme outdoor encounter.

We recommend you start slow as a beginner level runner and get your muscles and entire body in proper shape for running. Your body will soon adapt, and you can jump to the “intermediate” category where the experience is more extreme than before. When you have enough experience, you can join the “advanced” category where speed and vigor are the most definitive characteristics. Of course, with greater exposure to extreme outdoor activities and events, you will be able to determine what you preference is; are you are a sprinter or a casual runner who enjoys nothing more than  leisurely pace. You will learn the most appropriate techniques for the style of running you choose to engage in Running is one extreme outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy regardless of their athletic or financial status, all it requires is a good pair of running shoes and the right mental attitude.

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