Have you ever missed a flight , Bus or Train because you showed up at the boarding point too late?Not yet? If you travel enough, it’s only a matter of time until it happens to you. And when it does, you need to know the rules — both the official and the unofficial ones.

Today, I am propelled to piece down something that happened to me over the weekend on return from South Coast, Diani. I pretty much knew that it is such a hassle to use the SGR to come back to Nairobi but my thick skull problems yo! I just went ahead and booked in for the 1515HRS train ride to Nairobi.

I began my journey at about 1pm, it was an easy drive to Likoni just before we could get to the harbour(I think that’s a harbour) there was suddenly a gridlock. NO car was moving an inch. We had some Jungus next to us making lots of noise how they are late for the train I kept stealing glances at them and smiling sheepishly, i was already figuring out what next if we miss this train. Had afew thoughts, One jump on the next bus that is headed to Kampala or hike a ride on this cars leaving the port headed for Nairobi. The cars( “NEW”) have a fair share of stories of how they are driven recklessly and the car jackings stories kept flashing my through my mind, then boom, it had clocked 1420HRS by my curren replica wrist watch,right there I knew for sure that we’re going to miss the train, so I decided we should call the SGR customer care, and Tell them that we’re on the way to the station, but that we have been delayed due to factors outside of our control, I knew the ultimate answer but I had nothing to lose by trying anyway. The answer was, Kaa imeenda imeenda! Woi! We finally sailed the other side and being in a probox, we knew fast and furious was about to happen and we’ll make it in time. its only 14:45 if anything!


So foot down on the gas pedal we chase through backstreets of Mombasa CBD and found our way to Makupa police station then headed down the terminus! But we got into silly traffic of trucks, they had stopped no movement. Our driver is the law abiding guy maintained his calm he pushed only where it was necessary. 15:12 we are right at the gate of the Mombasa terminus, now this watchies stop us for like another minute we need pay for the car park! I ask them can we just drive in guy will pay you on return since you don’t have 1000bob loose change jowa! They insist we must pay first. how about Mpesa NO! aaah they go look for change 900 and we speed off again. by the time we were parking, we saw the train snake away! just like that! all the hassle man!


We drive back to the CBD to check out on option two. we find all other buses to Nairobi fully booked only one modern coast, has two seats for 9PM that had just been cancelled. its 4PM where to go, return to Diani, Nah? How about we roam CBD and later find a place we can hang out till 8 PM or thereabout, So we book those two and start exploring Mombasa CBD. My phone is low charge so I wouldn’t dare go further than metres its a city I don’t know so well.

When you think about your city, what colors come to mind? When I think about Nairobi my head fills with an image of dirty water, under a blue sky, surrounded by concrete of Brutalist architecture. Mombasa however, looks mzuri, Save for afew places, Marikiti Market Where I had gone to buy mabuyu achari and spices for our kitchen had some funny funny smell. However Mombasa CBD’s Blue and white theme makes it look STUNNING and vibrate. Joho, here you got a plus yo!

I get to sit at a nice joint, Bella Vista get served by one pretty  Whitney as I enjoyed my drink and food. My colleague was still roaming later find him at different joint Club Signature, he couldn’t trace where he left me so he decided to settle at this joint. Left my Whitney and Bella Vista and headed straight to Club Signature to pick nigga up.

Finally it was time to return to Nairobi, 9:00 PM we are at the bus. We locate our seats and settle only to realise, this Bus is brand new on these route. KCU 054 And we are literally on a road test! The seats are clean, like everything looks PERFECT! One thing, NO AC! I think we dripped about a litre plus of sweat the few minutes we were in that bus before departure.

We begin our journey at exactly 9:35PM so all windows wide open so as to catch a breeze as the bus slides towards Changamwe we have a slight stoppage at about 11pm then another at 2pm in Mtito Andei. Here the temperatures had gone down and we did not need to have our windows open. we resumed our journey at 2:15 and slide into sleep. I woke up at 5AM the bus was not moving, we were at a halt! The engine not running and we had been at the same spot for a whole 30 Minutes apparently! At around 8Am we snaked into the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. EXHAUSTED 20 Hours on the road!

My take home from this trip:

  • If you are going or leaving Diani and need to use the SGR, Spare an extra 3 Hours for your travel plans.
  • Its easier and Seamless to fly to Diani than use a bus or Train.
  • I should have some sort of Rest room business at the cost where you travellers can come and relax or leave you bags as you wait for your bus!



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