Subject: 2014 Evans Coolant Enduro 5
The Evans Coolant Enduro 5 is our final event on our calendar and the championship deciding event! As with last year, we will be adding on an end-of-year social to the event to close off the year..

Many thanks to Joost, Wiebe, Ingrid and Linda for offering to host our final event over the 29th – 30th November.

The E5 will be held in the North Lake Road in Naivasha and will be on the slopes of Eburu. We will hold a similar schedule to that of last year with the sighter lap on the mng of Sat 29th, and the main event held the same afternoon from 1:00pm, followed by a social event on the evening of the 29th. We therefore encourage competitors to come up/down on the 28th.

Camping and the party on Saturday evening will be at the Bilashaka Lodge: GPS Waypoint S0 43.308 E36 17.802. See the attached document for directions.

The start and finish of the Enduro will be 4 kilometers from the lodge at St Andrews Tarabete Secondary School: GPS Waypoint S0 41.395 E36 16.582

St Andrews Tarabete Secondary School is a 4 kilometers drive over a dirt road which is starting in the village called Kasarani. The junction on north Lake Road towards the school is a few hundred meters before the entrance to Bilashaka lodge and is signposted.

The Bilashaka Lodge has 5 double bedrooms available on first come first serve basis @ 12.000 Ksh per night per room for two on half board. This is both for Friday and Saturday evening. For booking pls contact: info@bilashakalodge.com or 0722715495 (Ingrid)

  The following rates will apply:

BBQ Saturday evening  1200 ksh (free for Competitors, as paid for by the EAMSC!)
Breakfast Sunday morning  500 ksh
Camping  500 ksh per person per night (children under 12 for free)

Cash bar available on Friday and Saturday.


  For the people staying in the Lodge Rooms the BBQ is included in the half board price.

  Note (2)

  On Friday evening diner will be served for people staying in the lodge. For people who are camping on Friday evening no dinner available, only drinks.

The race format will be the same as our recent events. We will hold the Clubman Championship and the Experts Championship. Clubman will be for 2 Hours with diversions on the extreme/technical sections, Experts will be for 3 Hours (racing time).

Weatherford security and other personnel for review and appropriate action. If you have any concerns about this process, please contact us at dataprivacy@weatherford.com.


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