I have attended most if not all motorsports events since 2010 herein Kenya, these have been by no doubt the most exciting and all-time best weekends of my life. #Adrenaline.

The FLY 540 RSC is here this weekend headed to Champagne Park, Kajiado, and if you have not been to any of the rally events and you’ve kept wondering other than standing and watching cars zoom past you what goes on there, I have specifically done this for you, and this weekend you got to step out! AYE!

So I am going to share things you must do when attending a motorsport event, to make your weekend just that better. If you’ve never been to a rally before, I suggest you try the things on my list.


When you first arrive at the track or route, you will be absolutely be amazed at the amount of food-you know this is a gate pass to many hearts- and wine and alcohol. Ofcourse, NTSA boys are always on the loose so have your designated driver on red bull and water, no one would want to wheel you at the back of an ambulance. Grab a bite or still, with yor squad, carry munchables do pot luck and just ENJOY! safe to bring your young ones but keep an eye on them.


I guess it’s because everyone is at the same place for the same reason, but everyone seems so nice at a motorsport event. So as you walk in the parking lot or through the camping lots and you see some tailgaters, don’t be scared to stop by and begin a conversation. You’ll then realize that you’re in their little party, drinking beer and having a good time. So try mingling with the other fans and you could end up having a great time you weren’t even expecting to have. Just remember that everyone around you are motorsport fans, so that’s the perfect way to start a conversation and make some new friends.


At some place around the service park, you should get up close, you might even get to sit in one and dream that you driving at those crazy speeds.images

Autographs anyone?

Don’t you sometimes wish that you could just go up to your favorite driver and have a short chat with him, then get his autograph afterwards.


What do I write about this?This one is pretty much for the men. Not only are the cars beautiful, but the girls aren’t too shabby either. Hehehehe fisilets and fisis are always ready to strike, hey are you single, go fishing.
So have fun guys, there’s a lot to look at!evkjbo4utsjyb58cabe6b22068


If you didn’t have the chance to get an autograph and meet your favourite driver, then be sure to stick around for the driver introductions.

You won’t get to meet the drivers and talk to them, but they are standing right in front of your eyes. The same drivers you idolize every weekend through 45 second news story at 9 o’clock bulletin, are right there in front of you!

Driver intros always happen on the finish line, on a big, fancy looking stage.

It’s also the perfect way to get you revved up for another awesome race!

For all of you race fans attending, I hope you have an awesome time!

If you’re not sure about going, I say you should go because it will be the most awesome weekend of your life!


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