Would you love some wet n’ wild exercise that’s a little more extreme than a dip in the pool? Consider hitting some bubbly rapids for instance Sagana. Adventure tourism — activities that involve an element of risk plus water, heights, or extreme speeds — is the perfect fit for adrenaline junkies. But if bungee jumping or ejecting yourself from a plane seems a bit too extreme, then try out beginner-friendly white water rafting. Here’s what to expect from that first white water run.

So what the hell is water rafting. In essence, I am talking about an inflatable vessel that cuts through rushing streams and whips around doom-impending boulders.

With a mission aimed at propelling and maneuver the raft with a paddle through varying grades of rapids. While an expert instructor gives instruction every now and then. You will realize that this is a team-focused exercise and amplifies strength and endurance levels for all rafters. COuld you imagine, just a few hours scaling turbulent waters can burn some serious energy (over 300 calories per hour, on average), and work the arms, abs, and core. (Team Fitness you need try this out! You will thank ME! over and above, rafting also offers psychological advantages like relaxation, nature appreciation. Of course you will have some one to watch over you incase all the witches from your village decide you must drown lol. you have a life saver jacket and the instructor.

Water rafting is not only a fun, exhilarating activity for most age groups, but also a way to switch up your workout routine and get some fresh air. Does this sound interesting already? How about before we wrap up 2017 we hit the waters?

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