Water rafting is a fun and invigorating outdoor activity and a great way to enjoy the outdoors no matter what your ability or experience level is like. White water rafting is not just for the crazy hard core mountain people anymore its becoming mainstream if you ask me. No pun intended. But there are a few steps that you can take to insure that your water rafting experience is a good one that you will look back on your experience in a positive way for years to come. By now you it must have hit you I am drumming up support or officially inviting you to Sagana Explore.

Rafting is fun! SO here lets roll;

1. Always wear a life jacket, or personal flotation device.

Although just because you wear a life jacket, it doesn’t mean it will save your life. It must be worn correctly. All buckles must be clipped and the jacket should be fitted snug to your body. The trick here is to have the jacket fitted so you can breathe yet the jacket should not be able to be pulled up over your head. Always have your professional guide fit your jacket. This will insure a perfect fit.

2. Always wear a helmet no matter what level of rafting you are participating in. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t let your kids out to ride their bike or go roller blading without a helmet, why go whitewater rafting without one? It just makes good sense.

3.Water may be a little chilly. Wearing a wet suit, splash jacket, and proper river shoes can make the trip much more comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the thrill without the chill.

4.This sounds like common sense, but it can happen. One minute you are in the boat and the next you are swimming next to it. When rafting, pay attention and watch for rocks coming from downstream.

By following these basic tips and listening to your guide during your water rafting adventure, you can safely experience the beauty of nature, the roaring rush of water as you ride the river’s flow and the memorable thrill of whitewater rafting. Hope to see you soon at Sagana Explore!



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