Many of us have suffered for our sport. The run in the rain, the extra rep in the gym, the emotional anguish of losing a tight contest.

But would you commit to three weeks of gruelling effort, with no trophy or financial prize on offer, to raise awareness about inequality?

How about taking on the Tour de France? One of the hardest events in any sport, an iconic carnival of suffering.

On Saturday, 176 men will start the 106th edition of the Tour in the Belgian city of Brussels, with stage wins, the famed jerseys, and overall glory on offer.

On Friday, 23 amateur female cyclists will begin the same 3,460km, 21-stage route, in the hope more people begin to ask: ‘Why is there no women’s Tour de France?’

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Since 2015, a group of French riders, Donnons des elles au Velo (Give the girls a bike), have ridden each stage of the entire Tour a day before the men’s race.

This year, for the first time, the 13-strong French outfit will be joined by a group of 10 riders from around the world – the InternationElles. They will be riding a day before but a world away from the men’s peloton.

“We are staying in Airbnb-type places so we can do our own cooking and washing,” says Louise Gibson, one of five British-based riders in the team.

“We’ve been training like pros, but while also holding down jobs, and a couple of us are mums so it’s all been quite a lot to manage.”

The entire team only met for the first time on Thursday in Brussels, with three riders based in Australia, an American living in Switzerland and a Dutch cyclist completing the line-up.

They will now ride together, in traffic on open roads, over a notably mountainous route – this is the first time in Tour history that there will be three summit finishes at an altitude of more than 2,000m.


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    Dave stepped in to help with my training after losing another mentor and friend, Something I now know he was infamous for doing. When we were investigating results he moldova dating would bat ideas at you, But the chats ended in the lab with equipment being pulled out of drawers, A smile and a statement similar to experimentalists have less arguing to do than theoreticians. He spent the time to let us feel science, through, indicate and future; Marie and your home and family, wrote this time we took.

    With deep gloominess

    written by John Melnyk (Classmate) On sunday, April 28, 2010

    Dave and I were classmates at the U of M and going his brilliance in our joint homework sessions. My daughter Lisa and I remember with warmth his visit with Marie and their family to our home in Laguna Beach many years ago. My wife Mona probably made welcome him warmly at the Pearly Gates.

    My most honest sympathies

    Posted by tanker McGinn (Former learner) On saturday, March 30, 2010

    marie, Rob and parents: David inspired me to be the ideal scientist I could be. I remember fondly all of those afternoons in his office discussing lab results while he calmly puffed away on his pipe. i’ll be bookmarking miss him. My deepest sympathies to you at this difficult time.

    For a buddy.

    circulated by Mary Lou Trappitt (friend or relative) On mon, March 29, 2010

    marie, Rob personal,Please know we are thinking of you at yet another difficult time in your lives. I was away from curling for a time but David welcomed me to his team. It was a diverse team as we had several spares of all levels but with David’s guidance and motivation we all excelled and had fun. David was taken away from us that year and the team was never the same but I have such fond memories of his kind manor and expertise that I will always remember. Rest in contentment David, You got it. betty Jesse

    My deepest sympathy

    printed by Dana (Trappitt) kirkland (family) On wed, March 24, 2010

    Dear marie, rob, And all of your close relatives,I am so sorry to learn about Dave. He is certainly deeply missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the fam during this difficult time. good luck,Dana.


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