Don Smith and Bob Kaugi could get Kenya another Africa Rally Championship title by next month.

The Kenyan duo is just four points away from sealing the 2016 ARC title after finishing sixth overall and second behind Zambian rival Muna Singh Jr in the ARC category.

With just one ARC event remaining; the Pearl of Africa Rally in Uganda, Don Smith leads the slot with 97points while Muna stands at 75 points.

Even with four ARC contenders in the weekend’s Rwanda Rally, Smith maintained pace to complete what was a fast rally

“The event was very nice with fast stages, but we had to take it a bit slow to finish with maximum points on ARC.”

“We are happy we managed to finish second now looking forward to the last event in Uganda,” said Kaugi.

Smith and Kaugi will now only need to finish the next round due in September to achieve what has been their season target of being African champions.

The Kenyan crew has featured in all the ARC events this year winning only one (Tanzania Rally) of the previous five.

ARC Standings
  1. Don Smith/Bob Kaugi 97 points
  2. Muna Singh/Jasmeen Singh 75 points
  3. Ismail Shermohamed 30 points
  4. Gary Chaynes/David Israel 25 points
  5. Abdu Sempebwa/Ahmed Minjo 11 points

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