Event Information:

  • Sun

    Enduro Run Race

    This Endurance race is run on a 2.3km circuit for 6hrs, starting from 7:00am (to 1 pm).

    Come and join us for a unique, fun filled event where we do not ask you to cover a set distance but rather give you an opportunity to join in and do any distance you want to, as long as it is within a 6 hour time period.

    As the course is a 2.3 km lap, you will have a chance to see family and friends at the end of each lap (if they are crazy enough to come and support you) and mingle with all the other competitors as you pass them or they pass you on the course during the six hours, making this the most social running event in Uganda.

    Registration Centers:

    1. Endiro Coffee located in Kisementi

    2. Online at