Valery Bukera is the new leader of the Mountain Gorilla Rally in Rwanda.

Bukera assumes the lead after misfortunes forced the day’s leader Rudy Cantanhede to incur a 40 seconds penalty at the end of leg service.

Navigated by Sylvia Vindevogel, Cantanhede had taken the lead winning two stages on day two.

The penalty now puts him 32 seconds behind. Rudy though is still focused on a rally win.

“Our car is not the best but we are focused to win our fourth event win,” says Cantanhede.

Valery Bukera won three stages of six.

Muna Singh and sister Jasmeen Singh were third fastest and top the ARC category.

“The rally is so far good, we started the day not knowing what to expect, the roads are very slippery but let’s see how the final day goes as our main aim remain finishing ahead of our rival Smith,” says Muna.

Hassan Alwi stands in fourth topping the Ugandan crews. He was followed by Burundi’s Roshanali Mohammed in fifth.

Kenya’s Don Smith is moving steadily maintaining his second position in the ARC category. He however stands seventh heading into the final day.

Ismail Mohammed also contesting on ARC from Zambia is ninth while Uganda’s Abdu Sempembwa is lying fifteenth.

The event has registered casualties with Ugandans topping the list.

Jonas Kasiime, Musa Kabega, Geoffrey Nsamba and others are all victims of the fast and dusty rally.

Crews will tackle a distance of competitive 78.52km consisting of six stages in Sunday’s final leg.

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